The Asteroid Attack


In NASA have created a system, warning of the fall of an asteroid

Astronomers and programmers in the US have developed a system that will alert about “the asteroid attack.” It can effectively prevent the approximation of a celestial body with the earth for five days before.

The protection of our planet from falling heavenly bodies are concerned researchers from around the world. special scales have been developed showing the likelihood of a fall of an asteroid. However, the number of the latter in our system is so great that retraced almost impossible.

US space agency experts presented his solution. At the end of October – beginning of November this year, NASA tested the Scout system, which is supposed to be able to successfully protect Earthlings from “uninvited guests”. With the help of automatic telescope PAN-STARRS system asteroid was detected in 2016 UR36: it happened five days before he became friendly with the Earth. They found it at a distance approaching a celestial body: it turned out that it will be 1.3 distance between the Moon and Earth. It is also possible to calculate the approximate size of an asteroid: its diameter is between 5 and 25 meters.

Of course, five days – an extremely short period of time and to prevent possible danger during this time will be difficult. However, it should be noted that the researchers could previously fix many celestial bodies are only a couple of hours before they fall. In turn, five days makes it possible to find a place asteroid and, if necessary, to evacuate people.

It should also be said that in 2018 NASA will launch a “swarm” of small satellites the NEA Scout, Scout system to help better identify the dangerous celestial bodies. When approaching asteroid NEA Scout probe fly up to it, make a series of images, as well as attempt to determine the subsurface structure and chemical composition.

We recall not so long ago, scientists came to the conclusion that the fall in the average size of an asteroid the Earth, reaching a diameter of one kilometer, can lead to onset of a new ice age on the planet.

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