Tarantula Nebula


Cosmic web Tarantula Nebula

This is the largest star-forming region with the most complex structure in the whole environment of our Galaxy. It is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud – a small satellite galaxy orbiting the Milky Way. Behind the apparent similarity with the spider region called the Tarantula Nebula. However, the size of the tarantula – about a thousand light-years. If this nebula in the Milky Way was the same distance from us as the Orion Nebula, for a total of 1500 light years from Earth, it would have stretched out the heavens by 30 degrees (about 60 full moons). The remarkable details of the nebula are visible in this image, the colors are close to natural. Long and thin legs cosmic Tarantula cover star cluster NGC 2070. In it are the brightest and most massive stars known. Massive stars live their lives fast and die young. It is therefore not surprising that the Tarantula Nebula is located close to the flash places closest to us of the recent supernovae.

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